The S.N Comptoir Rhodanien

A n experienced partner : Comptoir Rhodanien has been offering its services of fruits shipper from the Rhône Valley for more than half a century: Cherries, Apricots, Walnuts, Chestnuts,...

Located at the heart of orchards : A specific geographical location, conveniently established close to the Autoroute A7 (exit n°13 – Tain l'Hermitage, north of Valence), at the heart of production areas. Comptoir Rhodanien can easily collect and dispatch thanks to this location.

Powerful resources : Controlled temperature warehouses, performing packaging material, experimented employees,... allow Comptoir Rhodanien to meet the most required storage and shipping requirements

Presentation of the company and its products

Quality : Labels & certifications

Various quality controls are made throughout the life of our profucts. Common objective to all our producers and teams, quality is worked everyday.

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Our fruits from A to Z

From the orchad to the consumer's plate: planting, orchad tracking, cutting, thinning out, harvesting, sorting, controling, packing... View the life of our products.

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