Our labels and certifications


In order to meet the highest demands (retail clients and specialised wholesalers), Comptoir Rhodanien has established a producer support, certifications for the stations, and respects all the highest food security norms.

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Quality at Comptoir Rhodanien

1. Producer support & production certifications

With its program called "Aspect Verger", Comptoir Rhodanien supports the producers on their demand for the Global GAP label.

In order to meet the consumers demands regarding the food security of farm products, 26 European supermarket chains have taken the initiative to gather and standardise their production demands within a single reference document: Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice).

Global G.A.P. confirms its status as a key reference for the Good Agricultural Practices. This reference document is recognised and applicable all over the world. For the consumers and the producers, this certificate is the guarantee that the producer meets the best quality and security levels regarding his production, in accordance with the environmental regulations and the conditions of health and safety of the workers. Moreover, it guarantees the product management and traceability.

This commitment is designated to give more confidence to consumers. In order to help producers in this process, Comptoir Rhodanien supports them from the certification preparation to its validation.

2. Quality & Station certifications

Certified IFS Food Standars version 6, Comptoir Rhodanien is recognised for its expertise in packaging and the commercialisation of food products. It also owns many other certifications: AB, ISO 9001 (2008 version), Fel Partenariat...

In order to meet these certifications and the most demanding norms, the S.N. Comptoir Rhodanien is always working with well-known and COFRAC, QS, Darkks laboratories.

3. Traceability & food security

The implementation of the HACCP method all along the company process allows Comptoir Rhodanien to guarantee the control of the fruits sanitary quality, a perfect traceability of its products and a total food security