History of the company

COMPTOIR RHODANIEN over half a century...

Created in 1959, Comptoir Rhodanien has evolved over the years in order to adapt to the economic evolutions of the agricultural world and European modern distribution.
Its development has been increasing for 20 years to become a major actor of the fruit sector. Its turnover is close to €25 millions for more than 20 000 tons of fruits shipped.

  • 1959 Creation of the company

    Creation of the society "Comptoir Rhodanien des fruits et primeurs" in Serves sur Rhône (26 – Drôme) with fruits of the Rhône Valley shipping as main activity.

  • 1991 Establishment in Tain l’Hermitage

    Moving of the main site to Tain-l’Hermitage (26 – Drôme).

  • 1995 Acquisition of Comptoir Rhodanien

    Acquisition of « Comptoir Rhodanien des fruits et primeurs » by Emmanuelle and Christophe SOULHIARD. Beginning of the S.N. Comptoir Rhodanien.

  • 1996 Launch of the « PAULINE » brand

  • 2003 Creation of a second site in Tain l’Hermitage

    Construction of a second building close from the main site of Tain-l’Hermitage (26 – Drôme) over the Great Wines area .

  • 2008 Acquisition of the company " Métral Fruits"

    Comptoir Rhodanien widens with the acquisition of the company « Métral Fruits » située à Chanas (38 – Isère). Process of optimisation of both volumes and quality of the productions of fruits elaborated by the two entities.

  • 2009 à 2012 New expansions of the main site premises

    New expansions of the buildings of the Agricultural Zone of Lots in Tain l'Hermitage. Increase of the capacity of the storage, cold and packaging areas.

  • 2012 Métral Fruits acquires
    the agricultural cooperative CHANABEL

    Métral Fruits acquires the agricultural cooperative CHANABEL located in Salaise sur Sanne (Drôme - 26). Métral Fruits strenghtens its Peach, Nectarine and Apple volumes.

  • 2012 Acquisition of the farm MCL Agro

    The S.N. Comptoir Rhodanien keeps growing with the acquisition of the farm MCL Agro. 0.9 mille² farm located in Beaucaire (30 – Gard). Production of Apricots, Peaches and Nectarines.

  • 2014 Acquisition of an additional farm

    Acquisition of a second farm located in La Capelle et Masmolène. 0.2 mille² Apricots farm.

  • January 2015 New establishment in Spain

    The Comptoir Rhodanien widens its geographical location and joins with a Spanish partner in order to take over the company "Frutas Félix Gomez" located in the province of Murcia (Spain). Process of widening of the production and shipping of Apricots and Peaches-Nectarines period.

  • April 2015 20th Anniversary

    The S.N. Comptoir Rhodanien celebrates its 20th anniversary on April 24th 2015.

  • Mai 2015 New expansion

    Renovation and expansion of the offices area in the main site of Tain-l'Hermitage (26-Drôme).

The party of the 20th anniversary of Le Comptoir Rhodanien revisited